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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Start with a High Level Overview


I strongly recommend evaluating the overall market conditions of the products and services you are looking to promote.

Keep your ears and eyes open to current news and events related to your category. See how some of the top merchants in your category are performing. Find out what industry experts are saying.

At this point you are just trying to gauge the overall health of the category you are interested in. You don’t have to be a stock market analyst to perform this type of research. The only tool that you need is a good search engine.


The overall market for dial-up internet service is shrinking in the US. More people are switching to broadband because it’s faster, more reliable, and more convenient than dial-up.

I’m sure this information didn’t come as a big surprise to you. This information is widely available in the search engines and other media outlets.

You may still be able to make money by promoting dial-up internet service providers, but the overall demand is shifting to broadband. As an affiliate, which trend would you rather follow?


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