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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Measure the Demand


One of the best ways to determine the demand for a category is by doing some research using the Keyword Selector Tool, ( This tool is provided free, courtesy of Yahoo! Search Marketing. Just type any keyword into this tool, and you can quickly determine how many searches are done each month for a particular keyword on Yahoo.

To begin, I recommend coming up with a short list of keywords related to the category that you’re interested in.

Here are some examples of keywords you can research:

  • Generic terms and phrases used to describe your category
  • Product or service names
  • Company or brand names
Once you have a short list of keywords, enter them into the Keyword Selector Tool. Take time to record the keywords and the number of searches into a spreadsheet or even a scratch piece of paper. This will allow you to add up the total number of searches for the keywords that you have searched for.

Digital Camera Exercise:

Let’s say that you’re interested in digital photography. You aren’t really an expert, but 6 months ago you spent a lot of time researching and planning your own digital camera purchase. Maybe you went to a few review or shopping comparison websites. Maybe you went down to your local electronics store and chatted with the Salesman. In any case, you probably know a little more than the average person does about buying a digital camera.

As you were researching your digital camera purchase, you stumbled upon several different camera brands. You probably learned a little bit about the various features and benefits of digital cameras too. Now, let’s come up with a quick list of potential keywords we could use to evaluate the demand for digital cameras.

What are some popular digital camera brands?

  • Canon
  • Casio
  • Fuji
  • Kodak
  • Nikon
  • Sony
What are some of the features or benefits you were looking for when you bought your camera?

  • 5 megapixel cameras
  • SLR cameras
  • Sleek and slim cameras
  • Professional digital cameras
Were there any camera accessories that you purchased?

  • Photo printer
  • Photo paper
  • Camera memory cards
  • Spare camera batteries
As you can see, it doesn’t take much effort to come up with a simple keyword list. Now you can enter some of these keywords into the Keyword Selector Tool. We will start by searching for one of the brand name keywords: “Canon Digital Camera”.

Here is a screenshot of the results:
Figure 2.2.2.a Keyword Selector Tool Screenshot

As you can see, there is a lot of interest in Canon Digital Cameras. In fact, this graphic only shows keywords where the search volume is higher than 1,000 searches. If you add up all the searches that contain the keyword “Canon Digital Cameras” for November 2005 you get 151,937! That’s an impressive number considering that the Keyword Selector Tool does not include search volume from Google and other top search engines. You could easily double, or even triple
that number if you were to include search volume from other search engines.

Now let’s try searching for digital cameras by type. Let’s use the keyword “slr camera”.

Here is a screenshot with the results:

Figure 2.2.2.b Keyword Selector Tool Screenshot

Again, this is only a partial screenshot. If you add up the total search volume for November 2005 for the keyword ‘slr camera’ there were approximately 43,600 searches done on Yahoo.
Finally, let’s do a search for digital camera accessories. For this last example, we will use the keyword “photo paper”.

Here are the results:

Figure 2.2.2.c Keyword Selector Tool Screenshot

During November 2005, there were a total of 26,201 searches for keywords that contained “photo paper” on Yahoo.

Conclusions about Measuring Demand

The above examples only give a small sampling of the total search volume for keywords related to digital cameras. All we did was take one digital camera brand, one camera type, and one accessory, and we were able to generate a keyword list with over 200,000 monthly searches. Keep in mind that this search volume only represents one search engine. Could you imagine how high the monthly search volume would be if I included all digital camera brands, types, and accessories across all search engines? I guarantee the number of searches would have totaled several million per month.

Not every category has this kind of search volume. In fact, digital cameras happen to be a very popular item for search. You may find that the product or service you want to promote has only 1,000 total searches in a given month. Don’t overlook these opportunities. I make a lot of money in several categories that have less than a 1,000 monthly searches.

As an affiliate, I’m interested in any category that has at least 100 monthly searches. Anything less than that is probably too obscure.


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