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Tuesday, April 21, 2009



When it comes to promoting web pages for your affiliates, it helps to know how to create quality traffic boosting content for your website. If you are going to be trying to gain clients as an affiliate marketer, knowing how to build quality websites is going to be a very important thing for you to know. This section is going to teach you the top four secrets that you can use to create content that gets results!

Secret #1: RSS Feeds

RSS Feeds are the hot commodity on the web right now. RSS (Really Simple Syndication) actually describes a technology that allows web sites to syndicate, or distribute, their content among other sites. Maybe you’re already familiar with news syndication sources like Reuters and the Associated Press? RSS parallels this concept and brings it online for you. Content syndication is an ideal solution that helps to make up for the cost as well as valuable time that is necessary for the conscious internet marketer. You can load your site with relevant business and marketing articles and enjoy the rewards later.

Syndicated articles have a tendency to attract the search engines to your site in two important ways like I already told you. The first and most obvious reason why syndicated articles are so great is that they have more content and more keywords which will give you better rankings like I said in the “keyword” section. You can also boost the value of your incoming and outgoing links with syndication which is a very important element in the eyes of Google’s page rank algorithm.

If you’re totally new to RSS, There are some websites that can help you. They will teach you a bit more on how RSS works and what you need to do to implement it on your site.

These websites are:

MNot RSS Tutorial:

Personally, I think that one of the most fail safe methods for building a name online is to write and publish your own articles. Thousands of writers submit articles each day to article syndication sites and it just sets you up as a leading authority in the field that you are promoting. It is just fun!

You get an awesome trade off in the deal. How it works is like this: web site and e-zine publishers are given permission to re-print these articles as long as they remain unchanged from the original and the writer’s by-line is kept intact. It seems to have a lot to do with copyright etc. The publisher wins by getting free content and the writer wins whenever someone new sees their by-line and clicks on their URL.

If you are not sure where to find some good sources for finding these types of
re-printed articles, I have listed some for you.


Go Articles:

Ezine Articles:

Marketing Tips Newsletter:

Secret #3: Hire a Ghost Writer

When you hire a ghostwriter, or freelancer, you can have custom content created for your site that is written in a professional manner that can take all of the work out of it for you. Your writer will pump out articles on any topic you specify and you get to put your name on the finished product without any problems later. It is a great way to get quality stuff that takes you no effort at all.

The best way to hire a writer is to bid for his or her services. This allows you to negotiate the best deal for your budget if expense is an issue. At some of these websites for finding ghostwriters, you can get them to fight it out about who will get to do your work for you. I’ve seen ghostwriters that can write everything that you need including web content, emails, keyword articles etc. just about everything that will get your website more credit.

Here’s where to find and hire ghostwriters:

Secret #4: Attain Your Own Web Visitors and E-zine Subscribers

Can you think of a better way to generate good and interesting content and develop a sense of community among your visitors than by having them contribute to and/or participate in your site or ezine? I can’t, but I have learned that this is a very good way to keep your visitors interested in what you are doing and have them begging for more. Marketers are doing this all of the time now, but most of them are just not cutting the mustard as far as content. A good example of using this tactic properly can be found at the site that Willie Crawford, owner of created. The site focuses on southern cooking recipes, but this tactic should work for internet marketing based sites as well.

Each week, Willie’s
ezine subscribers submit dozens of their own home recipes. He takes the best of the best and highlights them in each issue of the newsletter. You could do the same by soliciting your subscribers for articles, tips, product recommendations or even case studies on their own marketing efforts. This is just smart.

To make it work, all you have to so is simply edit the content for style, grammar and length, then toss a few of your own comments to add some flow to the presentation. This takes a minimal amount of effort on your part and you produce a great publication that people want to read because they get to see themselves in print. This is a great way to keep the old and bring in the
new subscribers too!

A few more tips

Do you like to post information on message boards,
e-mail discussion lists, classified ads sites, FFA sites or newsgroups? People will usually read the subject line before they read your ad or message, so it's important that these get noticed.

Below are ten very simple, but powerful internet marketing tips to get your ads or messages noticed.

1. Use extra white space creatively in your subject line. You can add extra blank spaces between your words or letters. I’ll bet that you remember this being mentioned already! It is no less true now!

2. Make an effort to combine capital letters with lower case letters because this really draws the eyes to what you have written. Try not to stick with just lower or UPPER case letters. Use all capital letters in every other word or use a capital letter between every other lower case letter if you want your words to get attention.

3. Add text symbols in your subject line. You could use them between words and letters just to add a nice eye catching contrast. Start and end your subject with a text symbol.
( *, &,$, >,{,] )

4. Begin your subject line with the word
"STOP!" or WARNING!. People have been trained their whole life to stop what they are doing when they see that word and it just a habit to do so.

5. Ask people a question in your subject line such as
“Do you want more money?”. We all went to school and were repetitively branded to answer questions.

6. Use the word
"FREE" in your subject line. Your offer should be attractive to your target audience. It could be free information, software, trials, etc. the fact is that no one can ignore the word free, even if they want to.

7. Begin your subject line with an
"online smile that is composed of a colon and bracket--- :) People use smiles offline to gain people's attention and to win their trust, why not use them online too.

8. Don't use unbelievable claims such as
‘Lose 30 pounds with magic pill!’ in your subject line. People have or know some who has been ripped off and trained themselves to ignore those claims.

9. Don't use all capital letters in your subject line. It is hard to read, looks unprofessional, and on the internet it's considered a worldwide symbol for shouting. 10. Test different subject lines to see which ones draw the most attention and traffic to your web site. Also, read the
FAQ before posting a message or ad anywhere.

10. NEVER use the materials that the company gives to you because it is better to use a personal endorsement instead.

11. Purchase the product you plan to promote before you try to promote it because you can’t say much about a product that you haven’t tried and tested first.

12. In every
Ezine or newsletter that you create as a promo, include an AOL link: AOL clickhere the reason for this is because somewhere around 57% of ALL Internet Marketers are AOL users. Because of this, you will lose 46% of your leads from all your promotions if you don't. Don’t you realize that almost every commercially advertised ad seems to show an AOL keyword? Now you know why.

13. On the bottom of every
Ezine ad you send out, you must include your name, email address and telephone number. The easier you make it for prospects to reach you, the faster you can start building relationships, which is the key to success for any business. It is even more important on the Internet because the Internet by nature is so spread out and distant.

Please note: some E-zine publishers are against letting you use an AOL link. They say it messes up the format of their Ezine. Just keep looking if you encounter this problem.

14. You should run your own list and test the ad on your list first. This is a MUST if you are a newbie. You don't want to waste your money on Ezine ads except to do a low cost test, and that's only if you don't have your own Ezine. If you don’t have an ezine, you can do a test at This site is a great puller and very reasonably priced. Keep trying until you get a good number of hits. Once you get that winning ad by testing it, you're ready to blast it all over the Internet. That's when the money starts pouring in. What do I mean by this? You can visit Check out the section on Ezine ads and top sponsor ads.

ALWAYS put a P.S. statement with an offer to subscribe to your free Newsletter at the end. You'll get a small percentage of the Ezine publishers' leads for each ad you place. This can add up and give you a very high quality, And targeted list after placing enough Ezine ads.


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